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We offer cutting-edge solution to the automotive industry by providing robot-aided testing, CAN signalling, and performance measurements (using automatic calculation of reaction and animation time responses). Robotics performs user interactions, while machine vision algorithms analyse visual elements, ensuring optimal display quality and component integrity.

Additionally, we provide CAN signalling with compatibility for any CAN interface, facilitating seamless communication between the infotainment system and vehicle components. This guarantees proper integration and data exchange. Moreover, our solution provides automated performance measurements, including reaction and animation times, enabling accurate evaluation of system responsiveness and user experience. With our comprehensive approach, automotive manufacturers can deliver infotainment systems that surpass industry standards, ensuring reliability, functionality, and an exceptional user experience. Streamline your testing processes and achieve superior infotainment systems with our advanced solution.

Consumer Electronics

We offer an innovative test automation platform that combines the power of robot aided testing and advanced machine vision algorithms to revolutionize the way consumer electronics products are tested and evaluated.

 From smartphones and tablets to laptops and smart home devices, our solution offers unparalleled benefits. With robot aided testing, we automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enhancing efficiency and reducing human error. The AI-guided machine vision algorithms enable precise defect detection, ensuring that components, assemblies, and functionalities meet the highest standards. Our solution is versatile and adaptable, capable of testing different types of devices with ease. By optimizing testing processes, reducing costs, and accelerating time-to-market, we empower consumer electronics manufacturers to deliver superior products that meet customer expectations. Contact us today to explore how our solution can transform your business and propel you towards greater heights of success.

Gaming Station
Mobile Phone
Mobile Applications

Our innovative testing solution brings nonintrusive mobile application testing to the forefront by combining robot aided testing with advanced machine vision algorithms. With our approach, testing mobile applications becomes seamless and non-disruptive to users.

Our robots perform automated tests on mobile devices, simulating user interactions without interfering with the natural usage of the applications. The integration of advanced machine vision algorithms enables precise visual analysis of the application's interface and behaviour, detecting any inconsistencies or issues. This ensures mobile applications are thoroughly evaluated for quality and performance without impacting the user experience. And as a result, device manufacturers and mobile app developers can optimize their testing workflow, increase efficiency, and deliver high-quality applications to their users, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting their brand reputation.

Smart Devices

Our advanced testing solution is specifically designed to provide nonintrusive testing for different types and shapes of smart devices, leveraging the power of robot aided testing and advanced machine vision algorithms.

Whether it's smartwatches, wearables, IoT devices, or any other smart device with unique form factors, our solution ensures comprehensive testing without disrupting their intended usage. Our robots perform automated tests on these devices, simulating user interactions while maintaining the integrity of their design and functionality. The integration of advanced machine vision algorithms enables precise visual analysis, detecting any anomalies or irregularities in the device's performance. By offering nonintrusive testing, we ensure that smart devices undergo rigorous evaluation for quality and reliability while preserving the user experience and aesthetics. With our solution, manufacturers can confidently release innovative and flawless smart devices that meet the demands of consumers.

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Performance & Benchmarking

Our state-of-the-art testing solution offers unparalleled capabilities for performance and benchmarking testing of devices, including precise measurement of response times, together with reaction and animation times.

By harnessing the power of robot aided testing and advanced machine vision algorithms, we provide accurate and comprehensive evaluation of device performance. Our intelligent robots execute a series of tasks and interactions, capturing response times with exceptional precision. The integration of advanced machine vision algorithms enables to analyse visual cues and detect any delays or inefficiencies in the device's responsiveness. This allows manufacturers to identify performance bottlenecks, optimize device performance, and deliver superior user experiences. With our testing solution, manufacturers can confidently benchmark their devices against industry standards, ensuring they excel in terms of response times and overall performance. Contact us to discover how we can help you accurately measure performance, optimize device capabilities, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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