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About Infiniteq Systems Oy

We provide complete standalone automated testing solutions utilizing advanced machine vision algorithms and intelligent robotic arm.

iRobo, our robust test automation platform enables testing of touchscreen devices of any shape, size and display form factors with no dependencies to device's architecture and OS stack. iRobo interacts with devices like a real human would do, using various gestures such as tap, swipe, press etc.. In addition, iRobo constantly monitors the screen events and lists down potential software defects providing valuable information related to software quality and user experience on each stage and helping to improve the product quality significantly.

Our expertise areas are Quality Assurance, Test Automation, and Next-generation AI enabled testing systems.

We have 30+ years of experience developing proven test solutions for various segment of industries such as Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Forest Machinery, Printers, Elevators, Gaming, Apps etc.

Our solution has proven capabilities of finding Software Defects earlier in the project life cycle which reduces time and costs significantly improving product quality.

Robot arm
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